Social Media

The social media are everywhere today, and that gives you unique opportunities for promoting your brand. But it is also a jungle that can be difficult and unmanageable to navigate.

What can I offer you?

Marketing and branding on social media is connected to long line of misconceptions and myths. Opposite what many marketing people make it look, social media cannot replace traditional marketing. For example, do many believe that online commercials are replacing TV-commercials, because streaming services like Youtube and Netflix has limited the amount of TV viewers and hence fewer views of TV ads. But, despite of the internet and the emergence of online streaming services, there have never been as many TV viewers and commercial viewed on TV as right now.

When I help you building a strategy for using the social media to your advantage, I focus on conversion rates, i.e., how many of the internet users that, e.g., likes you Facebook page or follows you on Instagram goes on to become paying customers. It is actually rarely about how many likes or followers you have, but the quality of those likes, i.e., how many people who in fact buys your product or service.

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