What does SEM stand for?

SEM is an abbreviation for Search Engine Marketing, which is a form of payed online marketing where business can bid to have their advertisements shown next to relevant results on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. You have surely seen such ads yourself when searching for something via Google. They are the ones placed above and in the sidebar to the right of the search results themselves. 

What is so great about SEM?

Imagine that you buy an ad space in the local paper or at a bus stop. A high number of people will likely see your ad, but how many paper readers or bus passengers are going to buy your product or service?

When advertising via SEM your ad will only be shown to people who actively search for exactly those keywords that appear in you ad and thereby you do wast money by having your add shown to everyone and their grandmother, who are not likely to become paying customers.

As an extra benefit, you typically only pay when someone actually click on your ad and visits your website or web shop. This form of payment is called pay per click or PPC.

What do I offer?

Search engines favourites the most relevant ads based on advanced algorithms designed to select the ads that have the greatest chance of catching the interest of the internet user. This means that it isn’t enough simply to out bit your competitors to get your ad shown, you should also have the best possible ads. Remember that the search engines only make a commission when someone actually takes interest in your ad and clicks to visit your website. Therefore, the search engines are more interested in you having as many visitors as possible, than how much you are willing to pay per click, because more traffic will earn them (and hopefully you!) the highest profit.

I can help you create ads that will actually get views and clicks on Google, Yahoo, etc., i.e., be shown and spark the interest of as many potential customers as possible, and even to the best possible price.

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