Order Script Writing

Order script writing for branding video or commercial.

“A great video script is written in a clear and simple language, avoiding complex syntax and auxiliary sentences.”

~30 second script

A script for a short video such as a product description, commercial or stand alone video advertisement.

Delivery: 3 days

~1 minute video script

A script for a video of approximately one minute, ideal for a campaign video or advertisement.

Delivery: 3 days

~2 minute video script

A 120-second script perfect for a crowdsourcing campaign video, advertisement or product presentation.

Delivery: 3 days

Need a script for your branding video?

I am a seasoned public speaker, with a background in sales as well as academic philosophy and linguistics (the science of language and language use). I employ my unique skill set to write clear, easy to follow video scripts, that gets your message across to your audience. 

Video content is a great way to promote your products or services, your brand or get backers for your crowd sourcing campaign. But you might also just want a purely informational or instructional film to increase brand awareness or create value for your followers. The kind of video you need determines how I structure the video script. But all scripts includes motivation to pay attention, adds value to the viewer and a strong call to action. 

If you need longer video scripts than I offer in the packages here (30sec., 1 min., or 2min.) or a series of video scripts, send me a message and I can make you a special offer that suits your needs. 

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