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More than words

Storytelling is a powerful tool to promote, market and sell products and services. I specialise in telling the story behind your business in a way that connects with your audience.

Basic package “Your Story”

Attention grabbing story, incl. a call-to-action. Perfect for startups looking to launch a new product.

Delivery: 3 days

Standard package “Your Tale”

Catch attention and hold unto it. Sink into the memory of your audience and drive them to respond.

Delivery: 3 days

Premium package “Your Odyssey”

Hollywood will be calling for the rights to your story! This package gives me the time to deliver high quality work.

Delivery: 3 days

Do you know what a story is? 

I know, it seems obvious to you right now, but give it an extra thought. If someone on the street were to ask you what a story was, what would you answer? What definition would you give?

I could give you a technical definition, that a story is a temporally interlocking set of clauses.

Or a historical one, that story telling is the main way humans have passed on information for over 100.000s of years – from long before the invention of writing…

Often when someone offers to write or tell your story, what they come up with is in fact not a story at all, but a paraphrasing of facts you have provided about your product, company, etc. Perhaps adding some keywords to get traffic from search engines. 

When told right, a story activates a range of emotions in us that causes us to identify with it, memorise the details and respond to it. It takes us in, grabs our attention, and holds unto it. 

If you want someone to help you tell the story about your company, your product or your cause. Then let’s talk!

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