Content marketing

What is content marketing? 

Content marketing is all about offering your customers, and potential customers, a little something extra that adds value to their visit. Content is a broad term that covers written articles, blog posts, videos and pictures. But whatever you offer your customers it should always add value, i.e., offer them something useful. Preferably the content you offer your customers should be relevant to your business or your products. That way they become aware of what you offer, and in the process, gain a perception of your business as trustworthy and competent – even before having set foot in your physical store or visited your web shop. 

What can content marketing do for your business?

The benefits of offering good content on your website or social media profiles are many. Written content, like articles and blog posts, help attracting traffic from search engines, like Google. To read more about increasing traffic from search engines take a look here.

When your potential clients search the internet for something they are interested in and find an article on your website, they are simultaneously more likely to browse through your site and view the products or services you offer. They are also more likely to revisit your side and be more loyal to your brand, because you have offered them value even before they have purchased anything.

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