I started out working hands-on with B2C sales, because advertising and marketing is basically selling in writing and images.

At the same time, I was studying the leading research on how words and language influence our brains, culture and decision making.

It is that experience I use to help my clients build brands that stick in the minds of their customers and drive sales.

Even the simplest of texts affect the reader in much more complicated ways than most people are aware. The choice of words, gives a wide range of associations that brands can use to build relationships, sales and brand loyalty.

What do I do? The easy answer is many things! But let me give you a quick walk through of the work I have done the past week. I have written promotional material for a small start-up in the café business, the owner needed the story of her café told in a way that installed a sense of community among her visiting guests.

I have written articles to increase sales of various products from vocal training courses to watches. The key here is to offer the customer great value to catch their attention, while keeping the content optimised for generating search engine traffic and – of course – to sell products.

But I have also been writing letters on behalf of a client that needed information to be delivered in a clear and pursuading fashion to a partner in the real estate business. Texts of this sort demand a tone of voice that strikes the sweet spot between being too friend and sounding downright hostile.

What ever the assignment is, I am dedicated to give it the professional effort it deserves. No, assignment is uninteresting, as any written text deals with the complex interplay between people in our technology driven age.

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